AT Gatewatcher

As a leading cybersecurity vendor, we offer our employees an environment of opportunity where skills are enhanced and excellence is rewarded.

The cyber world needs
(your) talents!

Born in 2015, Gatewatcher is a fast-growing company with a strong international ambition.

Considered as one of the French cyber nuggets, Gatewatcher is integrated within the Cyber Campus in Paris La Défense. Its development is in high speed motion, through a strategy of technological acquisition and an affirmed will to have regional coverage, with in particular a remote agency located at the Cyber Center of Excellence in Rennes.

As a leading cybersecurity vendor, we offer our employees an environment of opportunity where skills are enhanced and excellence is rewarded. Would you like to join a team and get right to the very heart of the action, where ideas are birthed, concepts are born and projects come to life? From our offices in the heart of La Défense, Paris business district, Gatewatcher is looking for new talent to expand its teams.

No five-legged sheep
just a well-shaped head!

Working at Gatewatcher means first of all being an integral part of a team of about sixty people in permanent emulation who progress together and foster a strong team spirit.

Beyond a CV and a set of skills, if you are autonomous, strong in proposal, eager to improve the technology and to learn all day long, you will certainly be like a fish in water in our ecosystem.

In return, Gatewatcher offers its employees Career development opportunities, a caring environment and… teambuilding evenings, table football and karaoke sessions, because work is important, but you have to know how to let go from time to time!

Your desires

Boost your career by joining an innovative business sector around cybersecurity, ranked second priority of the French government after war on terrorism?

Joining a fast-growing and constantly evolving company (from 5 to 50 employees in 6 years)?

Evolve in the heart of a passionate team of human size, accessible and working in a vast open space?

Contribute to Gatewatcher's international development?

Do you thrive in a collaborative, opportunity-filled environment that values skills and excellence?

Be part of a company whose values you will be proud to uphold on a daily basis?

Join a community of cybersecurity experts?

OUR promises

More specific assignments according to your development prospects (internship, work-study, full-time permanent contract, part-time permanent contract)
Training and certification to meet your needs
New premises at the Cyber Campus in Paris La Défense, at the core of a dynamic security ecosystem
Afterworks and cocktails parties to strengthen cohesion and team spirit
A carefully prepared integration
Constant HR and managerial support and personalised career follow-up (Choose my Company certification for interns and alternates)
A friendly and caring corporate culture
Gatewatcher's birth
Average age
0 M€

What is it like to work at Gatewatcher?

The floor is for Jacques, CEO of Gatewatcher

Jacques de La Rivière, founder and CEO of Gatewatcher, talks about the company for which he is the guarantor of the strategic, financial, commercial and administrative aspects

Alexandre, Production Owner at Gatewatcher

He refuses to be bored and, rather than a single job in cybersecurity, Alexandre has been given three distinct and complementary responsibilities. “My job is to make sure that the releases we produce are usable by customers.”

Philippe, CTO of Gatewatcher

Tools, languages, complexity, technical challenges, SCRUM, open source projects… the CTO of Gatewatcher talks about the elements he deals with on a daily basis.

FOCUS ON cybersecurity jobs

While exchanges and economic activities are digitized at high speed, the cyber threat is also becoming more complex by the day.

Today, it is urgent to provide companies and administrations with qualified skills in the field of cyber security.

Digital security translates into missions, skills, areas of intervention, and emerging trends, resulting in a booming cyber job market.

If it is not possible to draw up an exhaustive list of jobs in the field of cybersecurity, it is possible to rely on the nomenclature of the ANSSI (National Agency for the Security of Information Systems) which proposes a classification of security jobs in the digital sector. Namely, the ANSSI distinguishes 4 major families of jobs dedicated to cybersecurity.

Security management and security project management

Director of Cyber Security / Director of Information Systems Security (DSSI)
Head of Information Systems Security (CISO) / Head of Digital Trust (DCT)
Security Coordinator / Cyber Security Relay
Safety Program Manager
Security Project Manager

Design and maintenance of a secure IS

Responsible for the integration of security in projects
IT Security Architect
Cybersecurity expert
Application Security Specialist
Expert in cryptography
IT Security Administrator
Organizational Security Auditor
Technical safety auditor

Security incident and crisis management

Head of the SOC (Security Operation Center)
SOC Analyst Operator
Head of CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team)
Security Incident Response Analyst
Cybersecurity crisis manager
Cybersecurity Threat Analyst

Consulting, services and research

Cybersecurity Consultant
Cybersecurity trainer
Information Technology Security Assessor
Security solutions developer
Security solutions integrator
Searcher in information systems security