Internet shopping: watch out for cyber scams!

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According to the latest report from Kaspersky, online shoppers are becoming victims of choice for hackers. Indeed, compared to last year, we note an increase of 15% in attacks linked to electronic commerce targeting directly buyers.

Online shoppers: victims of choice

Today, 56% of consumers prefer to buy on the internet and 55% of them make their purchases via their smartphones. In total, more than a billion euros was spent on the Internet last year! So it's no wonder that the world of e-commerce becomes the playground of choice for cyber attackers.

If e-merchants have long been the regular targets of hacking, attacking their customers directly is a new phenomenon. Hackers tend to take advantage of massive promotion periods such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday when buyers are less vigilant. We learn that during these days, the probability of phishing attacks increases by 24% compared to the annual average.

Kaspersky’s study found that in the first three quarters of 2019, there were no less than fifteen families of financial malware targeting online buyers. In addition to the families of threats already identified such as Zeus, Betabot and Cridex Gozi, newcomers have made their entry: Anubis and Gustuff.

The attacks carried out by this software focus on user login details, passwords, credit card numbers, telephone numbers, etc. The aim of hackers is always the same, to recover as much information as possible about the victims.

Some easy tips to apply when you are a buyer

- Keep your different applications up to date.
- Use unique and complex passwords for each of the online accounts you have.
- Beware of purchases on mobile! Indeed, abbreviated url used on mobile are more coveted by hackers because they are easier to compromise. If you have to carry out a transaction, make sure you are not connected via public Wi-Fi. Prefer to use your mobile data or a secure connection.
- Be attentive to the quality of the sites you visit and do not be fooled by too attractive price cuts.
- Limit the number of purchases on the internet in one day with the same bank card.
- Always activate and use authentication when paying by credit card.

Are you an online merchant? Protect your customer data!

It cannot be said enough, as an online merchant, you have a real responsibility in protecting the personal data of your customers. Here are some tips for a secure site and satisfied customers.

- Be attentive to the choice of your host and choose one that offers SSL certificates and security and defense devices (firewalls, automatic backups, protection against DDoS ...).
- Minimize the data request to a minimum.
- Use online payment services with an irreproachable reputation and always make sure to apply the updates.
- Invest in a tailor-made cybersecurity solution.
- Also use a fraud prevention solution to adapt to your business.


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