Deep file analysis and detection of randomly generated domains (DGA)

Fully isolatable environment to prevent compromise

On Premise or Cloud deployment

In a digital world where the number of suspicious files and software is exploding, AIONBYTES is a sandbox solution that creates a secure and isolated environment from critical infrastructure to analyze exploitable vulnerabilities

Technical description and features

AIONBYTES®: Analyze any malware in a dedicated and monitored environment. (strategy, targets, behavior and actions).

Analyzing suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware is an effective way to understand potential future behavior and make the necessary protection decisions to avoid possible compromises.
This is made possible by the AIONBYTES and the protected environment it provides, which executes the malware and provides information about the changes made on the system. In a few minutes, SOCs, CERTS and Security Analysts get a first estimation of the capabilities of a malware or shellcode, their communication with the outside world and the possible files created.

Background and implementation

AIONBYTES complements the existing detection system to :

Observe malware execution in mutex, registry, API calls, file system access, network behavior and artifacts.

Understand the actions of the malware in its complete life cycle: By observing its modus operandi, its access to the Internet, by simulating the execution of the malware by recording the network behavior.

Identify evasive behaviors such as deferred execution, environment diagnostics, and human interaction verification.

Share malware forensics data with other security components for immediate prevention and protection against future attacks.

Customer Benefits

No risk to your host devices or operating systems not exposed to potential threats

Testing of software changes to assess potential vulnerabilities prior to production release

Simplified assessment of potential malware threats

Zero-day threats are quarantined to ensure IT infrastructure protection