Respond to fast-paced cyberthreats

Reduce false positives

Increase the responsiveness and efficiency of your cyber analysts with automated processes

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) optimizes your existing assets and helps you see further ahead.

Technical description and features

LastInfoSec is Gatewatcher’s Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) offering.
Compatible with all cybersecurity solutions, it immediately enhances your detection with contextual information about internal and external cyber threats specifically targeting your business.

Background and implementation

Integration of LastInfoSec flows is quick and easy thanks to standardized exports to the latest CTI standards and connectors available for the main analysis tools on the market:

Format et compatibility

Standard format Stix v2, Stix v2.1, JSON

Compatible with existing solutions.


Install in a few clicks

Immediate improvement of the security level

Stream integration

Third Party Threat Intelligence Platforms

Network and endpoint security solutions (IDS, IPS, NGFW, BDS, Sandbox, NDR, EPP, EDR)

Analysis tools used by your SOC (SIEM, SOAR)

Customer Benefits

Increase your knowledge and visibility of future cyber threats

LastInfosec's technology continuously inventories and evaluates data sources accessible through multiple channels: social networks, specialized sites, the darknet and the deep web, to collect indicators of compromise that are enriched and contextualized to your activity, with the objective of reducing the time required to analyze a threat when it is detected.

Save time for your SOC analysts

LastInfoSec makes it easier for your operational security teams to make decisions and drastically reduces their analysis and incident response time without changing their internal processes. The time saved increases the quality of alert coverage.

Reduce risk

LastInfoSec has a library of millions of indicators of compromise (IoCs). Its automated collection, analysis, and correlation engines make threat information available an average of 24 hours ahead of the competition with over 5,500 new validated and enhanced markers per day.

Reduce noise and false positives

Because our data is enriched and contextualized beforehand, it generates only meaningful alerts and includes all the information needed to understand them. False positives from your solutions or other Threat Intelligence sources are also mitigated by correlation with our CTI feed.

Always have the right amount of capacity

Our infrastructure is not limited in its collection and processing capabilities and will not be overwhelmed in the event of a large-scale attack.

IN Numbers

New qualified compromise markers per day

IoCs collected in our library

Data sources feeding our analysis platform