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Information capture and analysis

Gatewatcher is the only product on the market with a double approach in innovation:
deep information capture and accurate analysis.

Gatewatcher is based on Trackwatch, our unique technology in weak signal analysis and machine learning.
Trackwatch uses four next-generation engines :



formally and statistically analyses payloads to detect anomalies


is built to recognize Advanced Persistent Threats stemming from encoded Shellcodes, ROPchains and JOPchains



is a real-time malware analysis able to analyse more than 6 millions files every 24 hours.


rescanning files with new signatures and heuristic methods to detect attacks that may have gone under the radar previously.

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Operating modes

Online: connected to our online platform. Suited for organizations wishing to decrease their administration and management load.

Air gap: for confidential and isolated network and those with no access to the outside. Optimal to be paired up with a proxy (Bluecoat, Squid, Websense)

Offline: download updates and upgrades on devices for confidential and isolated networks.

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