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The must-have for your Security Operation Center

Gatewatcher is a must-have to ensure optimal detection capabilities.
It can detect an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) at any stage.

The must-have tool for your protection, with unmatched capabilities

The platform Gatewatcher consists of probes (Gcap), listening to the network traffic, and a collector appliance (Gcenter), receiving and analyzing information from the probes.
Gatewatcher was created to fit any functional needs by being completely user-adjustable thanks to pre-configured dashboards. Gatewatcher uses Big Data technologies allowing for a fast and smooth user interface regardless of data quantity.

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A turnkey solution

  • Adapted to run online connected to our smart system
  • Adapted to run fully offline for isolated and confidential networks
  • Your information belongs to you. No "cloud" technology.
  • 0 impact on your production environment: connects with TAP or port mirroring


ElasticSearch Query, Metadata and Forensics

  • Intuitive and ergonomic
  • Network behavior approach (visualization of activity spikes,behavioral deviation, statistics...)
  • Integration of geolocation with interactive map
  • Decrease of false posivites and recurring alerts
  • Management of alert severity / criticity


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