Challenges: banks protect themselves at all costs

“On the front lines of cyberattacks, banking information systems are being tested by homegrown hackers and monitored by the Digital Constable.”

As a new contemporary weapon, cyberattacks are distinguished by the targeting of computer systems and in particular those of the banking system, identified since 2013 as operators of vital importance, through the military programming law. Indeed, this sector is not spared, as Jacques de La Rivière, CEO of Gatewatcher, points out: “Along with the defense sector, the banking world is the leading contractor in terms of cybersecurity.

The 2016 attack on the central bank of Bangladesh, stealing more than $81 million, is just one of the most glaring examples, justifying the banking sector’s place at the heart of cybersecurity activities.

Today, “banks have their own teams of hackers who continuously test the strength of their systems by simulating intrusions” observes Jacques de la Rivière. They protect themselves against two types of intrusions in particular: the virtual robbery that damages their reputation the most and the ransomware that targets their IS, and this through a complete mapping of information systems.