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Gatewatcher brings immediate improvements to your detection capabilities. Its cyber threat intelligence (CTI) services and products; world-class analysis and investigation platform; and subscription-based information feed, not only support best practices but are crucial in cyber investigation work.
Cyber Threats Semester Report – January to June 2023
Read the latest report from our Purple Team experts who continually analyse cyber threats based on the rich telemetry of Gatewatcher’s NDR and CTI platforms.

Our vision

Large Threat Behaviour Model

Large Threat Behaviour Model unifies internal and external insights. Leverage generative AI capabilities to bring your security posture to the next level. Engage in simple conversational interactions with your infrastructure for cyber security enhancement.

With Opportunity Detection and Prevention capabilities, it has never been easier to anticipate threats targeting your business. Raise user awareness and protect your brand. Strengthen infrastructure resilience and build trust.

Use Activity Detection and Remediation to streamline your response to threats detected on your infrastructure. Gain complete visibility and control over the TTP’s exploited by any adversary.

What our customers love

Instant sourcing of Cyber Intelligence
Consolidation within an open platform
Relevance of available information
Simplicity of integration and interfacing with third-party solutions

Our uses of the CTI

Analysis and investigation platform

Our cyber intelligence platform, built on OpenCTI, provides security experts with a comprehensive view of attack indicators and malicious actors. This consolidated global perspective helps accelerate investigations and enables quick and easy assessment of the threat landscape. By contextualizing various threats, our platform enables a better understanding of the situation, leading to more effective responses.

Global abstract for both

Our two approaches are distinguished:
On one hand, by the provision of global information on cyber intelligence (OpenCTI) combined with indicators of compromise (IoC):
– indicators of compromise (IoC): SHA1, IP, Domain
– arsenal, techniques and threat activities (APT) consolidation
– sectoral and regional consolidation

On the other hand, the flow of information allows transformation and direct use in a complete cyber ecosystem:
– threat blocking (IP and Domain blacklist)
– contextualisation and enrichment
– automatic creation of rules (Yara)

Benefits of a CTI solution

Increasing your knowledge and understanding of evolving threats

LastInfosec, Gatewatcher CTI technology, continuously checks and evaluates data sources accessible across multiple channels: social networks; specialised sites; darknet and deep web; to collect indicators and early signs of compromise. Through enriching and contextualising this to your activity, the analysis time of a threat upon its detection is significantly reduced.

Free up time for your SOC analysts

LastInfoSec facilitates fast and informed decision-making for your operational security teams. Significantly reducing their analysis and reaction time in the event of an incident without modifying internal processes, the time savings can be channelled into more qualitative coverage of alerts.

Reduction of cyber risk

LastInfoSec consists of a library of several million indicators of compromise (IoC). Its automated collection, analysis and correlation engines ensure that threat information is available on average 24 hours prior to competitors, with more than 5,500 new markers validated and enriched every day.

Reinforcing existing threat detection solutions

Because our data is already enriched and contextualised, only relevant alerts which include all necessary information are generated. False positives from your existing solutions, or third party Threat intelligence sources are also reduced by converging with our CTI feed.

Structuring of cyber intelligence

the use of a standard such as OpenCTI allows rapid deployment and daily usage by multiple SOC experts.

An exhaustive number of threats covered

the collection of raw data across a broad spectrum guarantees relevant monitoring of threat trends (APT)

Automatic creation of signatures

The industrialisation of detection rules protects our AIONIQ customers at the earliest opportunity against the latest attack techniques (CVE exploitations)

Automatic qualification of indicators

automatic submission of indicators from your detection solutions (IDS, NextGen Firewall, EDR, SIEM, SOAR, Sandbox) allows complete contextualisation and rapid remediation


Cyber Threats Semester Report – January to June 2023
Read the latest report from our Purple Team experts who continually analyse cyber threats based on the rich telemetry of Gatewatcher’s NDR and CTI platforms.
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