October 2023


Cyber threats of the past 30 days as seen by Gatewatcher’s CTI analysts
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u003cstrongu003eQuishingu003c/strongu003e, or QR Code Phishing, is a branch of phishing that uses QR codes to deceive a victim. The aim of quishing remains the same, only the form changes. There are several reasons why cybercriminals prefer quishing to phishing:rn• Firstly, antivirus software does not recognise QR codes as images, and does not check the links inside them. An email containing a misleading link is generally classified as spam, whereas if it contains a malicious QR code, it is less likely to be considered as such.rn• Secondly, this method can also be used in physical letters. Letters arouse very little suspicion these days, so it’s easier to fool a victim using this method.rn• As awareness of the risks of links in e-mails increases, the ease with which we can read QR codes reduces our caution about them. As a result, criminals find it more effective to exploit them, making it easier for them to dupe their victims.rnTo protect yourself from quishing, the method remains the same as for phishing: check the e-mail address, confirm the URL after scanning the QR code and use double authentication to protect your accounts even if you have inadvertently given your login details to a misleading site.

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Malware, zero-day vulnerabilities, advanced persistent threats, industries and sectors particularly targeted, weak signals of emerging attacks…It’s no secret that knowledge of one’s adversary is a key factor for the security of an enterprise. The Cyber Threats Barometer gives you a monthly overview of the cyber threats detected in the previous month by Gatewatcher CTI , our Cyber Threat Intelligence platform.

Gatewatcher CTI’s automated collection, analysis and correlation engines are continuously fed by more than three thousand data sources from multiple channels: social networks, specialized sites, dark and deep web. They make threat information available an average of 24 hours in advance of the competition and help operational response teams make better decisions by dramatically reducing their analysis and incident treatment times.