About Gatewatcher

Gatewatcher is a cybersecurity software provider specializing in advanced intrusion detection and is a market leader in high-performance solutions based on automation and machine learning methods.
Gatewatcher’s products and services (Trackwatch®, Dualwatch®…) are a suite of solutions based on next-generation technologies designed to effectively protect organizations against intrusions.

Designed to give users a head start on threats, Gatewatcher’s solutions are acknowledged by cybersecurity experts. Public institutions and companies in critical industries (energy, banks, transportation…) trust us to protect their critical computer networks.

in a few lines

100 employees spread over several offices in France and abroad

A main site located at the Cyber Campus of La Défense (Eria Tower)

An agency located in Rennes, France, housing our Machine Learning pole

In Northern Europe (Helmond - Netherlands)

In the United Kingdom and Ireland (London)

In the DACH area (Herrsching - Germany)

In Asia (Singapore)

In the Middle East (Dubai)

In Morocco and French-speaking Africa (Rabat)

A network of trusted partners

Gatewatcher équipe

SINCE 2015... a high-speed rise

  • 2015

Creation of Gatewatcher by Jacques de la Rivière and Philippe Gillet

  • 2017

International development through the signing of partnerships (Dubai, Singapore, etc.)

  • 2018

Trackwatch® & Dualwatch®, two offers based on IDS and AI

  • 2018

Trackwatch® certification by ANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems Security)

  • 2018

Gatewatcher joins Hexatrust, a group of cloud computing and cybersecurity companies

  • 2021

Acquisition of LastInfoSec and Gatewatcher's positioning on Threat Intelligence

Gatewatcher, true to its mission

Highlight cyber risks before they darken your business

Cyber threats are diverse. They take unexpected forms and require constant vigilance.

At Gatewatcher, we are aware that the imagination of malware is limitless. Each of the cyber threats is a risk for the development of the company and its growth opportunities.

Relentless detection

Since day one, Gatewatcher has been working to ensure efficiency and ease of use around 3 major axes:

nos engagements pour la cybersécurité

An intuitive tool

simple and fast to facilitate operations and simplify the work of security analyst teams, particularly in SOCs;

A scalable and flexible approach

(cloud, on-premises, hybrid), open to new technologies, without disrupting the existing customer environment

Anticipating threats

and 0-days vulnerabilities with AI

Gatewatcher’s offering is a technological prism designed to provide a 360° view of potential threats.


Anticipating threats means providing accurate insight through complex analysis methods, sophisticated algorithms, hours of development and questioning. Gatewatcher’s ultimate goal is to provide the simplest possible user experience.

a multiple award-winning...

Entering the TRUFFLE 100 in July 2021, Gatewatcher has also been awarded several times, including:

France Cybersecurity Label (2016 / 2021)

Special Jury Prize of the International Cybersecurity Forum (2017)

Silicon Cybersecurity Awards (Trackwatch® Best Detection Solution and Grand Jury Prize, 2018)

Winner of the Pass French Tech (2019)

… and anchored in cybersecurity and cyberdefense

Listed as a scale-up in radar of French cybersecurity start-ups : Wavestone 2021

Associate member of Campus Cyber

Member of La French Tech

Member of Finance Innovation

Member of Hexatrust

Logos partenaires

An advance centred around strong values

Through a global approach, Gatewatcher works to highlight the cyber threats that can impact the activities of its customers. Our commitments between our institutional, commercial and technical partners, our customers and the community are based on shared values:

Going the extra mile

To develop solutions to our customers' and partners' complex cybersecurity and environment protection issues, every Gatewatcher team member shares the drive, curiosity and courage to go beyond the normal.


Deeply convinced of contributing to the development of a new approach to cybersecurity with a different perspective, we act as passionate and enlightened pioneers. We anticipate our technical choices with an eye to the future.

Quest for excellence

Each commitment reflects our ambition to bring serenity and durability to our innovative solutions, while remaining simple, efficient and aware of the world around us. Thus, our customers continue their development with confidence.

Team spirit

Our reasoning and progress are made as a team, driven by confidence in ourselves, a mutual trust based on our energies united around the same project.