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4 levels of partnership

Joining the Gatewatcher partner program ensures a close and trusting relationship with a community of experts united by common objectives.
Benefit from sales, technical and marketing support through investment and mutual trust.
Join our program, gain skills and be supported by business and technical experts for all your security projects.
With no constraints or commitments, become a reseller of our solutions while enjoying the same quality of assistance on your projects.
With Gatewatcher, meet your customers’ requirements and propose the best solution. We support you in the development of your service offering and your positioning as an expert on our solutions while respecting your SLAs
Sales training
Gatewatcher offers workshops and training tailored to each partner’s profile. Whether you are a reseller, integrator, MSSP, etc., we can provide you with all the sales support tools you need
Pre-sales training
Our pre-sales training workshops are tailored to your business and your technical expertise. Find out more about the solution’s positioning, architecture, deployment, integrations and much more…
Gatewatcher Certified Security Professional
This training will enable you to understand all the features of Gatewatcher products, how to install them and how to use them simply.
Gatewatcher Certified Security Expert
To take things further, this training course will enable you to understand and use all the Gatewatcher features, administer them and configure them in its entiretý.
Gatewatcher Certified Security Analyst
This training course will help you understand how to make the most of Gatewatcher solutions to detect threats (advanced settings, analysis, detection and investigation scenarios, etc.).

Types of partnership

Depending on your expertise, your capabilities and your needs, choose the best-suited partner.

Cybersecurity specialist



MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider)

Certified SOC (Security Operating Center)

How to become a partner?

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Follow a path tailored to you
Join our commercial and technical training
Receive a shared, personalised activity tracker

Delivering confidence

Orange Cyber Defense

“Our alliance between trusted partners offers a cutting-edge response to any organisation’s need to secure its essential assets in compliance with French and European legislation.”
Michel VAN DEN BERGHE, CEO at Orange Cyberdefense.


“We are very pleased to launch this partnership, particularly in the current context marked by new requirements linked to Moroccan law n°05-20, the upsurge in cyber-attacks and the need to deal with them using local analysis solutions that respect digital sovereignty.”
Ali El Azzouzi, CEO of DATAPROTECT

Alliance Open XDR

“The award of the “Cybersecurity Made in Europe” label to all the members of the Open XDR Platform demonstrates our objective of providing a strategic and unified European response to the needs of international organisations.”
Grégoire Germain, CEO of HarfangLab
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