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When generative AI revolutionizes SOC
GAIA, Gatewatcher’s generative AI assistant integrated into its NDR solution, revolutionizes SOC team’s approach in threat detection, qualification, analysis and incident response. View the webinar replay to get all the information!

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Gatewatcher provides a state-of-the-art, fast and complete NDR platform. It gives you the power to prevent cyber threats, breaches and leaks, and to protect your organisation.

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Get full network visibility. Identify all cyber-attacks in real time. Report the threat immediately, and respond at lightning speed. This is how you stay one step ahead of all threats, regardless of the circumstances.

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Easy to implement. Easy to integrate. Easy to adapt. Easy to use.
Our NDR  is intuitive and seamless. Instant Network Protection, made simple.

Our products

Network detection and response – NDR

Get a 360° visibility of all assets and activity on your network in real-time. Identify and categorise threats immediately to instigate remedial action and minimise business impact.

Cyber threat Intelligence – CTI

Gatewatcher brings immediate improvements to your detection capabilities. As a leading MSSP, we provide cyber threat intelligence (CTI) services and products through our deep-dive analysis and investigation platform, thanks to a unique subscription-based information feed. Having access to feed information is of utmost importance in cyber investigations.

Terminal Access Point

To meet your Optical and Copper TAP needs, integrate easily and seamlessly GTAP into your network.

GenAI Assistant

GAIA, the generative AI assistant, is revolutionizing the current approach of SOC teams in detecting, qualifying, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents.


Our Partners

Gatewatcher is surrounded by a powerful partner network across the world. Selected for their expertise and commitment to maintaining the highest level of cybersecurity, Gatewatcher’s MSSP, integrator, distributor and reseller partners are project architects, aiming to deliver simple and effective protection strategies.
Cyber Threats Semester Report #4
Threat Landscape

Cyber Threats Semester Report – July to December 2023
Discover what are the most significant malware, trends in TTPs, the most active threat actors, and the main sectors targeted from July to December 2023.
Blog article

Benefits of a UEBA approach
In a supply chain context, UEBA – User Entity Behavior Analytics – tools are now a real asset, as they analyse user and entity behaviour in order to identify malicious behaviour.
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Blog article

ZIP files, make it bigger to avoid EDR detection
Our Purple Team analysts have spotted a number of anomalies concerning ZIP files.
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When generative AI revolutionizes SOC
GAIA, Gatewatcher’s generative AI assistant integrated into its NDR solution, revolutionizes SOC team’s approach in threat detection, qualification, analysis and incident response. View the webinar replay to get all the information!
Practical Guide
NDR Insight
If you’re not sure about the benefits of integrating NDR technology into your cyber defence system, we’ve put together all the answers in this exclusive NDR guide for CISOs and CIOs. It focuses on: – The difference between EDR and NDR and its architecture; – The 7 benefits of using a combination of AI and Machine Learning in your NDR system to make it more effective than traditional IDS/IPS systems; – The key steps to successfully implementing an NDR solution within your defence system.
Blog article
Best practices
European Cyber Month special: 5 tips for strengthening your online security
Embrace the European Cyber Month with confidence! Cybercriminals don’t rest, but with Gatewatcher’s 5 savy tips, you can outsmart them standing with the official #BeSmarterThanAHacker 2023 motto.
Easy as NDR – What is an NDR ?
What is an NDR? What does network analysis involve? What are the benefits of such a solution for businesses? And finally, what makes Gatewatcher’s approach to NDR unique?
Press release
Gatewatcher unleashes cyberthreat intelligence (CTI) for all
GATEWATCHER, the European leader in network intrusion and advanced threat detection, today launched its Free CTI Browser Extension. This evolution of its free IoC Analysis service, draws on the resources of LastInfoSec*, the Gatewatcher Threat Intelligence platform.
Gatewatcher in the press
Computing Security Magazine – A quiet revolution in the making: the NDR-led approach to cybersecurity
Discover Gatewatcher’s seven-point framework for a network detection and response-based approach, critical to combat the ‘escalating sophistication of cyber threats’ and to obtain quick threat visibility across an entire environment without using agents.
Gatewatcher in the press
IT Supply Chain – Evolving beyond reaction : Putting AI into NDR
It is an uncomfortable truth that across Europe and the US, the strategies, tactics, rewards and risks for cyberattacks have changed, whilst companies’ safeguards have not. Put simply, cyberthreats have evolved and cybersecurity is playing catch up. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a critical part of this evolution.
Gatewatcher in the press
Networking Plus – A single point of Failure? Artificial Intelligence and Network Detection and Response
Having leapt into public consciousness with the likes of ChatGPT and Google Bard, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already begun to play a decisive role in Network Detection and Response (NDR). Typical benefits of AI have been seen across both aspects.

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