Highlight cyber threats before they darken your business

GATEWATCHER is a European leader in advanced Threats detection, protecting critical networks of large Entreprises and Governement organisations since 2015.

Gatewatcher’s solutions provide an immediate improvement to cyber defense issues and meet the detection needs of organisations

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360° detection of cyber threats

Gatewatcher highlights the threats that darken your business. Its protection model combines cutting-edge technologies with AI to address all attack techniques by identifying the distinctive elements of each cyber threat.


AionIQ® is a new detection and response platform (NDR) that can confidently identify malicious actions and suspicious behavior through 360-degree modeling of the level of cyber risk by asset and user.


Qualified by ANSSI agency, Trackwatch® combines advanced network flow analysis with machine learning detection of advanced attacks and abnormal behavior.



LastInfoSec®, our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) platform, responds to rapidly changing cyber threats, reduces false alarms, and increases the responsiveness and efficiency of cyber analysts through automated processes.


Aionbytes®, an advanced sandboxing solution, offers a hermetic and controlled environment that provides cyber analysts with a full report on the malicious capabilities of any potentially malicious file.

Our partners

An ecosystem of cybersecurity specialists and experts

Gatewatcher’s solutions are enhanced by the security ecosystem. Selected for their know-how and commitment to sustain the highest level of cybersecurity expertise, Gatewatcher partners form a network of trained and certified professionals to facilitate and accelerate the integration of our products. They are the key players in the deployment of an even simpler and more effective protection strategy.

we are HIring

“Good news, France has a few nuggets in the sector (…) or even the Paris-based Gatewatcher, which relies on AI to detect weak signals that should reinforce our vigilance… Profession: ransomware hunter!”

12 Juin 2021