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To ensure optimal market coverage, Gatewatcher offers a 100% indirect sales model with personalized support and training throughout the partnership.

Why become a partner?


Gatewatcher knows and understands end-user cybersecurity issues and market requirements (compliance, ANSSI standards and recommendations).


Support and personalised training are offered throughout the partnership, to help you develop the skills and maturity that match with your expertise and your challenges.


Our partners include cybersecurity specialists, resellers, integrators, MSSPs (Manage Security Providers) and certified SOCs (Security Operating Centres).


Thanks to our “Plug & Detect” solutions, detect system vulnerabilities in a matter of minutes, and demonstrate your efficiency and added value.


Quickly and easily learn the logic of integration

Types of partnership

Depending on your expertise, your capabilities and your needs, choose the best-suited partner.

Cybersecurity specialist



MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider)

Certified SOC (Security Operating Center)

How to become a partner?

Download our partner program brochure
Book a meeting with our Channel Manager
Follow a path tailored to you
Join our commercial and technical training
Receive a shared, personalised activity tracker
When generative AI revolutionizes SOC
GAIA, Gatewatcher’s generative AI assistant integrated into its NDR solution, revolutionizes SOC team’s approach in threat detection, qualification, analysis and incident response. View the webinar replay to get all the information!

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