Develop and improve my detection and protection capabilities

You wish to enhance your cyber security strategy by leveraging an innovative Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution, to minimise the business disruption associated with cyber-attacks.

Use cases

To effectively detect all types of threats at the earliest opportunity, and protect critical systems, any cybersecurity expert needs a comprehensive, innovative strategy based on best practices, and enriched by threat intelligence, analytics, and AI.
Detect and process the first signals of an intrusion
Accelerate cyber investigations using AI
Enrich your ecosystem with cyber threat intelligence (CTI)
Minimise the impact of breaches when they occur
Increase the efficiency of a SOC (Security Operation Center)
Build my managed security service (MSSP)
Secure my legacy IT and data centre
How do I anticipate and identify those cyber threats which fly under the detection radar?

Your challenges


• Early identification of threats to minimise business disruption

• Real-time visibility of your assets

• Prioritisation of cyber security activities


• Seamless integration into your organisation’s ecosystem

• Reinforcement and increase of your existing infrastructure


• Real-time access to contextualised insights

• Automated investigations

• Support retention of talent and experience in managing proven and critical threats

Our solutions

Benefit from the combination of our NDR and CTI solutions integrating into your existing ecosystem, regardless of maturity level or existing infrastructure.
Plug and Detect
Immediate detection of threats as soon as NDR is deployed on your network. Preconfigured multiple engines start working the second they are plugged into your environment (with no need for a baseline).
Multi-vector detection
Detection engines converge with Machine Learning for in-depth traffic analysis, and identification of advanced threats.
Hyper contextualisation and enrichment
Identification of threats aimed at disrupting normal business operations

Your benefits


Thanks to a combination of detection engines including Machine Learning, your traffic is analysed in detail to detect known, unknown and hidden threats at the very first weak signals.


Streamline and enhance your existing security solutions with NDR at the heart of your cyber strategy.


With no business impact, our solutions integrate seamlessly into your ecosystem, without the need to install additional agents.
They guarantee the earliest possible remediation, so that you can maintain your business while minimising the potential impact of a cyber attack.

Our products

Network Detection and Response – NDR

Benefit from a 360° visibility of activity and assets on your network. Identify and categorise threats at the earliest opportunity to instigate global remedial actions, and minimise disruption to business operations.

Cyber Threat Intelligence – CTI

Gatewatcher brings immediate improvements to your detection capabilities with a range of cyber intelligence services and products (CTI). Find all the information you need for your cyber investigations via our word-class analysis platform and our subscription-based information feed.


To meet your Optical and Copper TAP needs, GTAP integrates easily and seamlessly into your network.

Delivering confidence


“Visibility, and the ability to identify any cyber threat is only half the battle. Now that these cyber threats are being detected by Gatewatcher, we are seeing amplified benefits and an almost immediate ROI, because five minutes after connecting Gatewatcher technology to our networks, we saw an increase in visibility and reported attacks.”
Frédéric FAUTRIER, AMSN Director


“Companies today are looking for expertise and support across the entire cyber lifecycle: from advice, through to integration, and the operation of solutions. This comprehensive, end-to-end approach allows us to cover a larger defence surface, reduce the average detection time, and counter intruders more effectively.”
Rémi HABRAKEN, Practice Manager Operational Security at Synetis


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