OUR commitments

Through its processes, solutions and collaborators, Gatewatcher continues to demonstrate its commitment to Cybersecurity, through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and towards its community of customers and partners.

A recognized commitment to Cybersecurity

In April 2019, following a major audit, the ANSSI (French National Agency for Information Systems Security) announced the qualification of Gatewatcher’s threat detection probe called TrackWatch, which officially received the agency’s security visa after ruggedness and confidentiality tests.
This qualification is in line with the 2015 french military planning act, which certifies threat detection probe products and services for french Critical Service Operators (OIVs).

A shared commitment

Gatewatcher, member of the Hexatrust association

In January 2018, Gatewatcher became a member of the Hexatrust association, a group of tech innovative companies sharing the same ambitions and values: excellence, trust, innovation, action.

Integration in the heart of the Cyber Campus

Gatewatcher is one of the first companies that chose to get involved in the Cyber Campus project, whose main interest is to offer an ecosystem dedicated to cybersecurity, but also the possibility to work on the interoperability of products and solutions of other contributors.

committed to CSR

In a logic of continuous improvement, Gatewatcher has a proactive environmental policy. As a fully-fledged eco-responsible player, the company implements actions to control and reduce the impact of its activities on the environment.

As a member of the Ecotree community, our company is behind the plantation of several hundred trees in numerous forests throughout France. This support action reflects Gatewatcher’s commitment to the environment as part of its CSR policy.

Gatewatcher is also one of the sponsors of the non-profit project ABUSE, which is funded exclusively by donations. The objective of the research project, carried at the Institute for Cybersecurity and Engineering (ICE) in Bern, Switzerland, is the identification and detection of cyber risks, with a particular focus on malwares and botnets. 

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committed to its customers

  1. To ensure the best protection for our users

    - By providing them with an optimal level of detection at all times

    - By adapting our technologies to the evolving TTP's of the latest cyber threats and intrusions

    - By working with our partners to make technology integrations simple and easy

  2. To be impeccable on the quality of the service delivered

    - By adapting to the specific characteristics of each user in order to minimize the level of false positives while maintaining an optimal detection performance

    - By guaranteeing a high level of quality and security in the development and application coding phases of our solutions in order to reduce the impact of the integration phase on our customers' production environments

  1. Enable our users to be proactive against targeted and non-identified threats

    - Through surveillance, audits or internal feedback

    - By ensuring interoperability of our solutions with the main cybersecurity technologies on the market

    - By keeping detection latency as low as possible, because reactivity can never be an option when it comes to cyber risk.

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Making our customers and partners a community in the battle against cyber threats

Gatewatcher provides a completely free “Intelligence” service, offering a quick additional means of analysis.

Based on data entered into the system, the platform provides indicators that give a clear picture of the threat.

This platform is also used by Gatewatcher to enrich its databases and improve its Machine Learning (ML) algorithm.