Network Detection and Response

Benefit from a unique 360° visibility of threats, applications and users on your network.
Identify and categorise a wide range of threats at the earliest stage to instigate global remedial actions, and minimise business disruption.

What is NDR?

Whether you are looking to build or reinforce your defence arsenal, NDR must be a pillar of your cyber strategy. NDR allows you to quickly and effectively control your threat exposure surface and mitigating the business disruption associated with attacks.


Identify weaknesses within the network


Identify an intrusion from the very first indicators


Categorise a cyber security incident


Address threats quickly and efficiently

Our products

AIONIQ – NDR Solution

Network detection and response (NDR) platform which facilitates the detection and early categorisation of malicious activity. AIONIQ maps all uses, applications and assets on the defense system; and instigates global remedial actions.

GTAP – TAP Optical and Copper

To meet your Optical and Copper TAP needs, GTAP integrates easily and seamlessly into your network

Benefits of an NDR solution

Easy plug-and-detect

Immediate detection of threats as soon as NDR is deployed on your network. Preconfigured multiple engines start working the second they are plugged into your environment (with no need for a baseline).

Powerful multi-engine

Complementary across multiple analysis methods and algorithms (static, Machine Learning, AI)

Real-time visibility

Instant mapping of assets, users and applications based on analysis of network communications

Global remediation

Seamless integration with the existing SOC ecosystem for global remediation

The role of NDR within your ecosystem

Stay ahead of threats with NDR

How to minimise the impact of a cyber attack on your business

The cyber kill chain defines the seven key stages of a cyber attack. It summarises the techniques (MITRE Att&ck) to allow the identification of threat progression within a given infrastructure. NDR brings a huge advantage in this area by being able to detect weaknesses at the earliest opportunity.

The NDR to watch over your business

How to guarantee full protection against cyber attacks

Every cyber security solution focuses on a different element within the cyber kill chain. However, despite the fact they are complementary disciplines, gaps prevail. There is often a void between the establishment of persistent access to a network and the collection and exfiltration of data. NDR bridges this security gap to deliver comprehensive capabilities and much more.


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