GatEwatcher Solutions

Advanced cyber threat detection solutions, cybersecurity expertise, state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence services.

Why Gatewatcher solutions?

Vulnerability management is our first and foremost concern. From detection to analysis, we develop our solutions with the same commitment.

Develop a Security Policy for the Information System(s)

Collection and analysis of vulnerabilities


Development of an action plan

Follow-up of the application of patches

Monitoring, capitalization, awareness

Facilitating data detection and collection



Internal feedbacks

Enable data

Check for false positives

Assess the impact and likelihood of the vulnerability on the digital component

Your Benefits

An intuitive tool

Through a simple and agile interface to facilitate operations within a SOC (Security Operations Center)

Scalable technology

that can be adapted to any user environment

A predictive approach

by anticipating threats and 0-days vulnerabilities.

Better Smarter Larger Enriched Connected Extended Reactive detection


Aioniq® is a new detection and response platform (NDR) that can confidently identify malicious actions and suspicious behavior through 360-degree modeling of the level of cyber risk by asset and user.


LastInfoSec®, our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) platform, responds to rapidly changing cyber threats, reduces false alarms, and increases the responsiveness and efficiency of cyber analysts through automated processes.


Aionbytes®, an advanced sandboxing solution, offers a hermetic and controlled environment that provides cyber analysts with a full report on the malicious capabilities of any potentially malicious file.