Threat detection, including encrypted flows

Passive mapping of all IS assets

High visibility of threats hidden in the network

Mitre Att&ck modeling of risk by asset and user

An open and flexible NDR platform that provides cyber threat mapping and behavioral analysis for enhanced detection and unprecedented visibility into targeted attacks.


AionIQ® is a new detection and response platform (NDR) that confidently identifies malicious actions and suspicious behaviors based on a mapping of all assets present on the IS. The combination of this capability with unprecedented performance in analyzing malicious behavior, even in the case of encrypted network flows, provides a 360° modeling of the level of cyber risk associated with each connection between assets and users. AionIQ® deliver an unparalleled level of detection and visibility of cyber threats, whether known or unknown: Ransomware, APTs, zero-day vulnerability exploits, etc.


AionIQ® does not require additional equipment or hidden costs. AionIQ® is easy to set up and detects threats as soon as they are audited, without any impact on your production environment.

Developed with a "Security by design" approach, AionIQ® is equipped with a hardened OS offering a strong resistance to corruption attempts and a reduced attack surface.

AionIQ® is an open platform offering a strong reactivity in case of attack by its connection with most of the response and remediation tools of the market, EDR, SIEM, SOAR...

AionIQ® adapts to the specificities of your organization and the threat with a unique and scalable system of detection engines. With the ability to deploy on premise or in the cloud.

Through its collection of multiple metadata and its mapping with chronological visualization of detections according to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, AionIQ® facilitates the investigation of security analysts and the management of the alerts severity.

AionIQ® is available in several offers to perfectly fit your protection infrastructure and your technological choices in order to offer you a truly tailor-made protection.

Customer Benefits

Threat detection, even with encrypted flows

AionIQ® is an NDR platform capable of identifying, thanks to machine learning processing, all threats within your infrastructure, even if your network flows are encrypted.

Mapping of all the assets of the information system.

AionIQ® is the only NDR platform able to map all IT assets in a totally passive and agentless way in order to provide unseen level of detection of advanced attacks on east-west flows.

Better visibility into hidden threats.

AionIQ® is able to provide a metadata typology with a level of detail that is unique on the market, in order to optimize the time needed for your forensics analysis.

Risk modeling by asset and user.

AionIQ® is the only NDR platform capable of modeling the level of compromise associating event, asset and user, with a Mitre Att&ck view aggregated by risk of all alerts.