GenAI Assistant

GAIA, the generative AI assistant, is revolutionizing the current approach of SOC teams in detecting, qualifying, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents
Herogenai V2

GAIA in a few words

Operational enrichment on demand through quick and simplified multi-source access
Support for investigation through comprehensive technical understanding of observed elements
Accelerated action-taking through relevant recommendations tailored to the evolving context
Attackers shouldn’t have the GenAI advantage

GAIA propels our NDR into a new dimension

Simplification of investigations

Interoperable with all Gatewatcher products, GAIA enhances your analysts’ processing capabilities by assisting them in understanding complex alerts in a simple manner.

By consolidating a multitude of multi-source information related to an alert context, GAIA derives the best practices to be implemented quickly.

Accelerated remediation

GAIA simplifies your response and instantly provides you with all the necessary information for the swift remediation of a cybersecurity incident (MTTR) through your existing solutions (EDR/FW/XDR/Azure AD/O365).

Secure utilisation

Based on controlled, qualified, and robust sources, GAIA is a trusted assistant, reducing hallucinations and potential deviations.

GAIA ensures complete protection of its users and their data, fully secure.


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