Network Detection and Response


AIONIQ is a unique NDR solution. Open and flexible, it facilitates visibility and early behavioural detection of cyber threats to address them in a comprehensive manner.

What our customers love

Non intrusive solution
360°real-time visibility
Multi-vector detection
Ability to identify (0 days)
Consolidated risk score
Ease and speed of investigation
Interoperability with the ecosystem

Benefits of NDR AIONIQ platform

Threat detection including encrypted flows

High visibility of all latent threats based on available metadata

Control intuitiveness and knowledge of the defence system

Discovery and mapping of user assets and behaviours

Consolidation and aggregation of threats

Simplifying of investigations and remediations based on the MITRE Att&ck framework

Foundation of your cyber ecosystem

Open solution easily integrated via API

AIONIQ’s NDR approach

Step 01
Streamlining detection coverage using global capture points
Step 02
Specific configuration to meet your business challenges
Step 03
Advanced capacity for handling a security incident
Step 04
Complete remediation of threats targeting your organisation

Protection plug-and-detect

AIONIQ® doesn’t require any additional equipment. It is agnostic, relies on multi-vector detection, and is easily configurable. AIONIQ® detects threats at the earliest opportunity for comprehensive remediation.

priorisation des menaces

Prioritisation of threats

Guaranteed by AIONIQ®, alerts are aggregated, allowing rapid triage against an evolving risk score, which is linked directly to your IS. This approach accelerates decision-making by SOC experts, expediting effectiveness.

Research and anticipation of the exploitation of vulnerabilities

SOC experts have access to all data and metadata resulting from the network analysis. They can intuitively pivot between tasks, whether it is handling a security incident, or proactively searching for intrusions.

Flexible interconnection with your ecosystem

Through specific developments based on AIONIQ APIs and standardised connectors (EDR, XDR, SIEM, SOAR, NextGen Firewall), AIONIQ facilitates seamless integration with your ecosystem

Software platform resilient to cyber attacks

Developed using a “Security by design” approach, AIONIQ® is equipped with a reinforced OS offering robust resistance to corruption attempts and a reduced attack surface


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