The Gatewatcher Partner Programme :
cornerstone of Gatewatcher’s channel strategy

By relying on a 100% indirect sales model, Gatewatcher builds a lasting relationship of trust with its customers through a network of specialised partners, consisting of distributors and integrators.

100% indirect distribution strategy

February 15, 2023

Since 2015 Gatewatcher, the technology leader in real-time detection of cyber threats, has been implementing a 100% indirect distribution strategy. This strategy is based on the recruitment of : 

  • High added value partners (ITANCIA, DAGMA, KOMPINGO, etc.)  
  • Global partners (ATOS, OCD, STERIA, CBI, CAPGEMINI, etc.),  
  • Cybersecurity solution integrators (DUNOYX, ANTEMETA, MUNISIS, WATEEN, etc.)  
  • Players offering SOC as a service (OCD, SYNETIS, DATA PROTECT, EXCELLIUM, etc.). 

To support its development strategy in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Gatewatcher has strengthened its teams dedicated to local partners, with Pierre Munoz as Channel Manager for France. 

A relationship of trust based on a common goal

Gatewatcher supports and trains its partners throughout the year in order to maintain a high level of technical and commercial skills on its various products. In addition to this, we want to respond to their needs and challenges in the face of growing cyber attacks, thanks to a lasting and reciprocal relationship of trustGatewatcher enables its partners to strengthen their cyber defence arsenal with detection solutions that bring immediate improvement, while offering the associated service. 

A 4-level partner programme across borders

The Gatewatcher Partner Programme (GPP) supports all partners by offering content and training adapted to their positioning and business model.  

The programme consists of 4 levels: Authorized, Silver, Gold and MSSP.  

Authorized: Without constraints or commitment, the reseller benefits from a tailor-made support. 

Silver: Once members of the programme, partners gain competence and are supported by commercial and technical experts. 

Gold: In addition to commercial and technical support, partners also receive marketing support. 

MSSP: With this new model integrated into the partner programme in September 2022, Gatewatcher is targeting partners offering a managed SOC to customers who do not have sufficient resources and capabilities to operate cyber solutions on a day-to-day basis.  

“Today, with the scarcity of resources, cyber skills and increasing threats, companies are turning to managed services. This is why we have integrated the MSSP component into our partner programme, an affordable economic model that allows for a reduction in the cost of acquiring solutions by pooling the management infrastructure and a Cloud solution to make savings on MCO/MCS“, explains Pierre Munoz 


At the beginning of the year, Gatewatcher achieved its best performance ever with a turnover of more than 45% compared to the previous year. And thanks to the MSSP model, the company expects to achieve a further 20 to 30% growth.  

To date, more than 75 companies in over 30 countries have joined the GPP programme. 

About Gatewatcher

As a technology leader in cyber threat detection, Gatewatcher has been protecting the critical networks of large enterprises and public institutions since 2015. Our solutions combine AI with dynamic analysis techniques to provide a 360°, real-time view of cyber threats across the entire network, in the cloud and on premise.